Nt05 or nt 555r daily driver

This nitto extreme performance nt05r drag radial can be run on the street and delivers up to 15,000 miles of tread life in normal street driving. I need to know what 60 foot times people are getting with the 27540r20 nt555r nitto drag radials if anyone happens to use them, or knows someone that uses them. And i am considering to have them replaced for the up coming summer. Whats the best street tire for traction 600hp 900hp test. Weekend drag racers will appreciate the specialized race compound, enhanced sidewall construction and large contact patch of the nt05r drag radial. There is a clover leaf pictured below that i take home from work everyday so ive done multiple tests in varying conditions. For the second set i was shredding through the ga streets and so far they have endured 17,000 miles and will probably need to be changed in pretty soon. Drag radials mileage mickey thompson vs nittos srt hellcat. I want to put some tires on the mustang to try and help put the power down. My car is a daily driver and will never see a drag strip or a clutch drop standing start. I had these tires on my challenger rt making a decent bit more then a stock 392 and i loved them for dry traction.

My daily driver is an s with a rb25det swap and z32 brakes. They did good in light sprinkles and when it was wet but i went sideways more times then i can count. Currently running nt05 but gonna give the 555r a feel. I drive my car too much 810k milesyear for the nt05rs, and i have dedicated real tires for track use. Add to cart add to cart add to cart add to cart add to cart add to cart customer rating.

Buy nitto tires online snow, winter and mud tires for. Nitto tire nt555 g2 series ultra high performance street. These ultrahigh performance tires are designed for use on vehicles such as the 2005 to 2017 model mustangs. I have the 3153520 nt05r on the rear of my 2015 mustang gt. Tires handle great as a daily driver, however be careful on the roads you. After installing the tires i put 300 miles of semi spirited driving in and around the laguna mountain recreation area and here in san diego to break them in a bit before testing them out. All have been different widths, with the nt05 s being the widest.

Here, for your reference, is a list of default drivers and services. It will be on my daily driver and i drive about 12001500 miles a month. Buy nitto nt555r drag high performance tire 27540r17 93v. Buy nitto tires online snow, winter and mud tires for truck. The answer is the new nt05, which offers nearly as much dry performance as the muchvaunted nt01 race tire, but without sacrificing streetability.

The nitto nt05 tire is an ultrahigh performance tire which is equally at home on the drag strip, on the track or on your daily driver. I purchased the nt555r 3054518 drag radials and mounted them on am factory style 10 rims for the back of my 2012 ford mustang gt manual trans, daily driver. This tire outperforms all drag racing radial tires while providing impressive control and handling yet still delivering up to 15,000 miles of tread. I used to run nitto drags 245 50 16 on my nitroused bird as a daily driver tire. With these nitto nt555r tires, engineers succeeded in designing a dot approved, drag racing radial tire that would outperform all other drag radials, provide impressive control and handling, and still deliver up to 15,000 miles of tread life of normal streetdriving use.

I purchased the nt555r 3054518 drag radials and mounted them on am factory. I have 2754018 nt05 s all around because of the limited sizes available and there is zero straight line traction. I probably would not put this on a daily driver, because you will constantly be buying tires. Im currently running the 555s up front with the 555rs in rear and have been through several. Whats the best tire for the street and street racing or track. Anyone running the et street ss on the streetdaily driving. Its local government area is the city of palmerston. It is designed to offer excellent traction and high speed stability. Nitto tires are superior when it comes to engineering, design, and functionality. Pilot your mustang down highspeed straightaways and through tight twisty curves with confidence when its equipped with nitto nt 555 g2 tires. Decently sticky with a longer burnout but didnt pick up every rock n crap on the street. Nitto has recently released their new nt05r drag radial, so we decided to mount them up to our vintage wheel works v40 wheels on our 1968 chevrolet chevelle project car.

Their staff is completely devoted to delivering the best tires on the market and is constantly in the pursuit of researching and developing new and improved design patterns. The problem with running tires on wheels narrower than approved is that the sidewall gets pulled in, the tire deforms, and doesnt handle as well. Some tires can be delivered the same day you order. In this case i would probably not be running a drag radial.

For a daily driver use and weekend track, what are the pros and cons of nt05 vs nt555r. Does anyone run a nitto 20 inch drag radial as a daily. My car is not a daily driver, so this works well for me. If theyre driven mostly on the street, id expect well past that mark on the nt05 s.

Ive known the 555r s to get over that kind of mileage so long as theyre not pounded at the track every weekend. I highly recommend anyone looking for a good tire for track days to consider the nitto nt05. And i broke both drive axles using them combined with a clutch masters stage3 clutch when i was at the track. Nitto mustang nt555r extreme drag radial tire 397487. After doing some research i found nitto nt05 tires.

The nt05 seems like a perfect fit for hpde and street, but trading off the. I do not recommend driving over 65 in the rain, i have used both cars for long trips noise is not bad. Nitto nt555 g2 long term test and comparison ford mustang. First off, i drive fairly conservative with an occasional bout of spirited driving. Drag radials mileage mickey thompson vs nittos srt.

I could also just put snow chains on them and drive year round with them on, but, oh, wait, the snow chains go on the front of the car. Hey all, new to the challengers and have a 09 srt8 automatic that makes about 440 to the wheel. Nitto nt05 max performance tire available in multiple sizes. Nitto tire nt555 g2 series ultra high performance street radial. Warmer weather means that its time to hit the open road for most drivers, but they need to make sure their tires can perform in the higher temperatures. Nitto doesnt make a 265width nt05 for 20 wheels and they dont make an nt555r narrower than 275 for 20. Drivers wont have to sacrifice durability, however, because nitto tires provide surprisingly excellent tread life for highperformance tires. If i was planning on doing some extended high speed runs, definetly not be using the drag radials, again, i would be on the bridgestones. I was recently selected to participate in a consumer test sponsored by nitto for their new nt555 g2 tire. Nitto tire north america is a worldrenowned manufacturer of aftermarket performancegrade tires for daily drivers and drag racers alike. Nitto mustang tire nt555r series drag radial cj pony parts. I drive my car too much 810k milesyear for the nt05rs, and i.

Low prices for nitto nt555r tires at our online discount tire store in canada or the united states. It was rigorously developed though racing, ontrack testing, and comprehensive computer simulation modeling. Ive known the 555rs to get over that kind of mileage so long as theyre not pounded at the track every weekend. The nt555r combines a highgrip compound and semiracing construction to provide increased traction at the starting line. I was looking at the nitto website and their dry performance rating is almost identical. I do not daily drive my mustang, the ride is too stiff due to my gnarly bmr. There is a 26535zr20 but that requires a minimum of a 9inch wheel. The nt555r is the drag radial for the street or strip. Mickey thompson et street ss vs nitto nt555r for street use. Drag radials sketchy in the rain nitto nt05r cadillac cts. So whether you are in the market for an extreme terrain light truck tire, a competition tire for the track, or a sporty tire for your daily driver uhp sports car, nitto tires has you covered. I have an 00 gt with some basic mods 400hp, not daily driver, only.

My question is do drag radials need to be heated up to work or will they stick during impromptu bursts of acceleration. I hardly spun at all, and they lasted 6 good months with very light burnouts. The nitto nt05 max performance tire is the ideal tire that will get you to the finish line first. Allseason free delivery possible on eligible purchases. Sep 22, 2000 among the problems troubleshooting hardware in windows nt is the fact that drivers and services use vague names. I have played with mine up and down and have arrived at 32 psi fr for daily use. However, i wasnt so sure weather if these tires were suitable for daily use. The nt555 g2 tire is the new generation of ultrahigh performance summer tires.

Was driving in some good rain yesterday on the highway with some fairly worn normal street tires 285 kumho ecsta and felt fine, i get some new nitto nt05r drag radials installed today 3053519 and they sure arent confidence inspiring and a little scary. My rear meats are almost bald from burnouts, so need to replace them before i start driving the car in the spring again. Nitto mustang extreme performance nt05r drag radial 397484. Hello, everyone right now i have a set hankook v12evo on my car. Yo whats up family so ive been daily driving on drag radials for about 67 months racking up around 5,000 miles on them so figured id share my experiences with you all. Which has better dry road traction the nt01 or nt05 s. Description the nitto nt 555r extreme drag tires are capable of providing up to 15,000 miles of driving use under ideal conditions. We deliver your tires fast and free to a nearby, expert installer. We test out 3 popular brand tires and put them to the test with brians 650whp pro charged coyote and my 800whp gt500.

Anyone ran the two that can say how well or not well the nt555rs actually hook or dont. I have in the past run yokohamas, bridgestones and most recently bf goodrich tires. The nitto nt555r exreme drag radial tires are designed for competitive drag racing while being d. Im currently running the 555s up front with the 555r. With that said, simple tire and the manufacturers have the right to change these tire specifications at any time without notice or obligation. Nitto has developed these tires with a focus on performance driving. The end result is a street tire capable of incredibly fast lap times and the very highest levels of dry road grip and performance.

This is a highperformance tire intended for use during summer months or warm temperatures only. Durack is bounded to the north by university ave, to the west elrundie avenue, to the east temple terrace and to the south tilston avenue. Jan 20, 2007 my rear meats are almost bald from burnouts, so need to replace them before i start driving the car in the spring again. If youre looking for a set of nitto tyres australia for competition use, give us a call on 1800 099 634 for the best prices. The nt05r drag radial works in unison with the nt05 max performance street tire, so you can put the drag radials on the rear axle, where rearwheel drive vehicles need the most traction, and the nt05s on the front axle. They were decent in the rain and lasted about a year. The nt 555r drag radial offers a reinforced belt package and a highgrip compound to create increased traction at the starting line. If you are a more conservative driver, i would recommend the toyo t1r.

They are predictable through out the life of the tire even after repeated punishing use. I need new tires but i can only afford two right now. All nitto nt01 tires are continuously developing with manufactured improvements. Testing nittos new street tires nt05 max performance. Nitto tires come in a wide variety of design patterns and will serve both offroad and street. The tires are 320 tread wear rated, in line with the. Once the mold release agent was scrubbed off, the braking and turning felt very stable. Just a few hundred miles so far and here are my findings. Nitto nt555r extreme drag radial tire available in multiple sizes. For a track tire would i be better off with the nt01 or better go for the width of the nt555r ii.

The nitto extreme performance nt555r drag radial is a unique ultrahigh performance tire thats also d. The nt05r drag radial offers a reinforced belt package and a highgrip compound to create increased traction at the starting line. Jun 25, 2014 hi, i know, here we go with another tire question. Hello all, i thought i would submit a useful tire comparison based on my own experiences between the goodyear f1 vs nitto invo as i dont think anyone has performed a detailed comparison yet. I do some serious track events and have found that the nitto nt05 is the best tire for your money. I was looking at going with the nt05rs because i never drive in the rain and i dont put lots of miles on it. Set of 2 two cosmo muchomacho ultrahigh performance all season radial tires31535r20 31535zr20 110w xl. Just put on some new nitto nt05 max performance tires for daily driving and track use. May 04, 2016 i was recently selected to participate in a consumer test sponsored by nitto for their new nt555 g2 tire. Nitto 555r tires 30535r20 180830 nitto 555r tires 305. I had a set of these on my s2000 and for the first set, i got about 21,000 miles out of them. Why dont you recommend nitto drag radials for daily driving. I would have probably chosen differently for a daily driver. I plan to use these about 100 days out of the year.

Engineered and developed through the latest technology, this tire has gone through a rigorous development process and tracktested so you have precise and responsive handling needed for peak performance at every race. They wear down fast, so i would never use them for daily drivers. Nitto nt555 vs nt05 non dr for a daily driver discussion in suspension modifications started by seabiscuit, may 27, 2014. We have run mickys, bf goodrich, and nittos from the 555 r to the n01 and we went with the. The 30540r18 nitto nt 555r drag radial has a diameter of 27. Together, with tires easy, you have a vast selection at your fingertips. Designed for use during warmer months, the nt555 g2 from nitto is an ultrahighperformance tire that offers drivers strong performance on wet and dry roads. Take a look at our selection of nitto tires and lowest prices today. Hello,please comment below your actual miles from a set of drag radial like the mickey thompson et street ss and et street r or the nittos nto5r and the 555r, i know their have been many threads about mickey thomaon vs nittos but none gave me a defenitive answer on how many miles you can. Nitto nt 555 r tires n180300 free shipping on orders over. My current tires break loose at less than half throttle in 2nd gear. The invo and nt 555 not the nt 555r which is the drag radial get really greasy when heated up in a heavier car.

Nitto mustang nt05 max performance tire 397663 available. Order a nitto nt555 g2 series ultra high performance street radial tire from cj pony parts today. But does anyone run the nt05 s on their turbo mustangs. The nt 555 g2s feature a specialized bonding agent that. The 555rs would be a better choice for a daily driver. Is it worth just paying the extra money to just go. Nitto tyres australia nt01 delivers fast and consistent lap times for both the professional road racer and the track day enthusiast. This is a discussion on nitto 555r drag radials within the wheels and tires forums, part of the general help category.

I have an 00 gt with some basic mods 400hp, not daily driver, only sees rain by accident. This is a discussion on nitto 555r or nt05r within the wheels and tires forums, part of the general help category. If my car was a daily driver, their are more things to consider. The 05s are fine for daily use, its the nt01s that are debatable. I have the 05s on my e46 and theyre great if performance is what youre after. Nitto mustang nt05 max performance tire 397663 available in. Get free 45day returns and guaranteed installation rates. Nittos extreme nt555r has been the companys offering in this. The proxes could do it at 47mph, vredesteins 49mph, and the nt05 s did it at 52mph on my first test with a hint of tire squeal. T compliant drag radial is an amazing tire that not only perfoms really well but looks amazing mounted up on the car too. However, this soft and flexible tread will wear much quicker than tread compounds formulated for regular passenger cars.

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